Friday, January 29, 2010

Easy weight loss via a surround sound thingy

The Husband was reading a book while I was sitting next to him watching Oprah interview The Devil (aka: Jay Leno).

Thanks to some new surround sound-style speaker thingy that's hooked up to our tv, we now have to use TWO remotes to watch tv. One remote is used for nearly every function...except volume.

Which means the second remote is used only. for. the. volume.

"You know, it really SUCKS that I have to use TWO remotes to watch tv," I whined.

He looked at me sideways. "Yeah, I know your life is so tough."

I used the volume-only remote to poke him in the arm. "I'm serious! What a huge pain in the ass!"


"HOW am I supposed to eat my POPCORN?!"


"You know I love to have my popcorn every night! HOW am I supposed to eat my POPCORN?!"


It finally dawned on me. "You did this on purpose, didn't you?! You want me to lose WEIGHT! So you decided to get a system with TWO remotes so I wouldn't have a free hand to eat my POPCORN!"

"You figured me out."

"I KNOW! You walked into Best Buy and said to the guy, 'My wife's got too much junk in the trunk. Can you get me a two remote system so she doesn't have a free hand for eating?' THAT'S IT...RIGHT?!"

"Yeah. That's exactly how it happened."

"I knew it."


  1. LMAO!! Funny thing is that i can visualize you two having this conversation. At least I helped you find the mute button =)

  2. Yes! THANK HEAVEN for Miss Adele finding the mute button! I'm eternally grateful.


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