Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Once again....thank you

I know that, as a blogger, it's very "uncool" to care about things like blog stats and how many followers are listed over there on the right.  All the cool kids say, "Oh I don't care....I only write for ME and it doesn't matter if anyone reads it."

Apparently I'm not one of the cool kids.  Never have been.  And that's okay with me.

Yes....first and foremost, I write for myself.  This wee li'l brain of mine is swimming with thoughts and ideas and stories and I'm thankful that there's a place for me to vent or celebrate or laugh or cry (for free!).  I like the idea that someday I'll have all of these pieces to re-read and remember these days that are passing far too quickly.  I like knowing that my kids might read this someday and realize that I'm not just their momma....I'm a human being with thoughts and feelings that don't always revolve around them.

And yet.  My tummy does a little flip when I see the stats go up or when I get a comment on a post or when I see that there's another follower.  Do you know why?  It's not because I consider this to be a popularity contest.  "Whee!  I have 100 followers so that makes ME better than YOU!  BAHAHAHA!"

It's because I know that you have far better things to do with your time than to sit at your computer and read the various ramblings of yet another Mom who is trying to be witty and charming and heartfelt.  I know that.  You know that.  But here you are....taking time from your very busy life to read what I've written.  You made a conscious decision to spend a precious 10 minutes here.  And sometimes, you're inspired enough to leave a comment!  I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

My own big brother visited here to read the story about the liver and made my day by leaving a comment for the very first time.  Trust me when I say that he has more important matters on his plate right now....but he stopped by anyway.  He put a smile on my face and it has been there ever since.

Maybe, in 5 years, if I'm still blogging, the stats and followers and comments won't be so important.  Maybe I'll be totally committed to the "I blog for me" mantra.  For now, though, I'm thankful for every one of you.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to show you my side of life....to, perhaps, make you think of things in a different way....to share with you the things that are important to me.

Thank you...for spending your time here.


  1. I like how honest this post is. I feel like that is one thing I really appreciate about the blogging world. It's a chance for people to connect in such a real/authentic way and to find people who are like them or who are different from them and realize they can relate to them. I just started my blog and I think comments are cool, too. I haven't wanted to admit that because I am supposed to be "writing for myself" but it's true...I like knowing people are out there reading rather than me just writing into the abyss. Thanks for the honesty!

  2. Chris, anyone who pretends to not care about their blog stats, is a LIAR! Side note: I love to read your ramblings!


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