Monday, December 21, 2009

Images of a Four-Year-Old

*gasp* She doesn't have any teeth!

That was the first thought that raced through my mind when I met my baby girl. Ya know....cuz every infant is born with a full set of pearly whites, right?

After that split second brain lapse, I came to my senses.

Is it really a girl? We have a girl? I'm so glad the sonogram wasn't mistaken! Cuz I love her so much! Not that I wouldn't have loved another boy! But she's a GIRL! I've never HAD one of those before! Whoopee! Plus, she's so CUTE! And she's so TINY! UGH! Can someone please unstrap my arms so I can TOUCH HER?!

About 24 hours before she was born, I had a 5-minute panic attack....I thought the doctors might have made a mistake and we were actually going to have a boy. I even decided that the name would be Alexander. Apparently, I needed to make peace with the idea that those sonograms are not perfect. I didn't want to have some big "surprise" in the delivery room.

* * * * * * * * * *

And now my toothless, maybe-a-boy-maybe-a-girl infant is a full-fledged 4-year-old.

She is happy. She is friendly. She is a good sister.

She assumes that "Giving Momma a run for her money" is her top priority in life.

She is strong. Independent. Sweet. Smart. Helpful.

She loves babies. And dogs. And Dora the Exlorer. And her Daddy.

She is a ball of perpetual motion.

She threw me for a loop. And showed me that I have so much more to learn about being a parent.

Happy Birthday, Alexa. You are loved. And don't you ever forget that.
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  1. People always say "she's the best-looking kid I've ever seen" about everyone, and it's usually just being nice (and exaggerating). But seriously, Alexa should be a child model. The second-to-last picture could be in a catalog or something. Even at age 4, she has perfect teeth. She is a really cute kid. How did that happen (j/k)?


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