Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parenting shortcuts....Vol. 4

Now that the weather is warming up, the time seems right to share my latest tip with you.

At your grocery store, pick up your favorite brand of yogurt cups.  My kids prefer Trix yogurt, which comes in little, plastic, 4 ounce cups.
 Also, pick up a small package of plastic cutlery.  I use the Hefty Zoo Pals because they're cute, sturdy, and chunky enough to be easy to hold.  (The knife isn't sharp enough to cut warm butter, but if it makes you nervous, I'll look the other way while you stash it in the junk drawer.)

Take the cup of yogurt 
and make a small slice in the foil with a knife.
Insert a plastic spoon/knife/fork.


When they are fully frozen, you'll peel off the foil top and run the bottom of the cup under some hot water.  This will loosen up the yogurt just enough to allow you to shimmy the plastic cup off.

Unless your kids eat quickly, these can become a bit drippy and messy.  My kids get to eat them outside so I can hose down whatever remnants hit the floor.

They're cold and yummy and healthier than sugar-in-a-tube (a.k.a. ice pops).

P.S.  I also freeze Go-Gurts.  Those are great for beach days...I can throw a whole box of those in the cooler and by the time the kids are ready to eat them, they're still cold, but softened just enough to make them easy to open and eat.

P.P.S.  I assume an adult might like these, too....if that adult was a fan of yogurt.  I am not.  Yogurt is on my list of Icky Foods That I Choose Not To Consume.

Happy Summer!!

Edited to add:  I was not, in any way, compensated by the companies for this post.  This was not meant to be a "review" or advertisement of any product in particular.  These are simply the brands that I use because the OMG How Much Did I Spend?! grocery store carries them.


  1. I have a friend that freezes Capri Suns too. The lemonade ones are especially refreshing on a hot summer day!


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