Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't pat yourself on the back. You might break your spine.

It was a busy 4th of July weekend....lots of time in the pool and lots of time ignoring sleep.  It caught up with Alexa today.  She's been a bear.  There's been plenty of whining and fighting and foot stomping.

I reached my limit.

She was sitting on her bed (for her 83rd time-out of the day) and repeatedly wailing, "I WANT DAAA-DYYYYYY."

Deeeeep breath.  In with the good....out with the bad.  In with the nap...out with the whiny.  In with the quiet time....out with the stomping feet.  Deeeep breath.

With all of the calm I could muster, I walked into her room. 

Pull down the shade. 
Put the air conditioner at 70 degrees. 
Shut off the light.
Walk to my daughter. 
"I don't like how you're behaving today so you're going to take a nap now." 
Walk out, ignoring her grunting objections.

And that was it.  No yelling, no mini-lecture, no swat on the backside, no threats.....just a deep breath and simple statement delivered in a voice so monotone that I barely recognized it as my own.

And you're thinking, "Um...okay?  What's the point of this story?"

The point is that sometimes....now and then....once in awhile....I get it right.  Sometimes I remember to act like a grownup, not a petulant 5-year-old.  Now and then I remember the phrase "don't add fuel to the fire."  Once in awhile I pretend to be a calm, level-headed person.

So I'm taking a few minutes to pat myself on the back....which goes against my every core value.  Maybe it's time to re-visit my "values?"  Ask me to list 100 of my faults, mistakes, failings, and royal f***ups and I'll respond with, "ONLY 100?!"  Bashing me has become a well-loved pastime of mine. 

Old habits die hard.

But this blog gives me a unique opportunity.  I'm putting it here in black and white...for the whole world (or for the handful of devoted friends and family who read here) to see.  I'm patting myself on the back.  Giving myself a hi-five.  Today I'm writing down my successful story so I can re-read it the next time I start a thought with, "Holy CRAP...I'm the WORST mother in history!"

Today, I got it right.

Today, I did a good job.

Do you hear that, Self?  You did a GOOD job.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

It occurred to me one day that I could get into mucho troublo (I failed Spanish...can you tell?) for using song lyrics in my titles and posts without properly crediting the artist.  So in order to keep my hide out of hot water, I'll be making notes from now on regarding the songs and artists.  Mama Cas doesn't look good in prison stripes.

"Don't pat yourself on the back. 
You might break your spine."
Green Day - "Nice Guys Finish Last"
Release date 03-23-99
Love love love this group.  Love love love this song....but my favorite line from the song HAS to be:  "I'm so f***in' happy I could cry."  Makes me laugh every. time. I hear it.

If you're not familiar with Green Day (hold on one second while I weep for you)...check out the "Know Your Enemy" video here or the "Minority" video here and you might very well become just as obsessed as I am.  PS....both of these songs are totally effective if you're out for a run and having that not-so-fresh "I'm gonna drop dead right here if I have to run another step" feeling.  They'll light a fire under your butt...trust me.  Also?  They sound really great if you've just dropped ALL of the kids off at school and you have 2 1/2 uninterrupted hours to yourself and you crank the music up at top volume in your cute little minivan and you say a mental "screw you" to the people who stare at you while you're singing along to every. single. word. and drumming along on your steering wheel.

Or maybe that's just me.


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  1. I swear, I do that to just about every good song that comes on the radio. And to the people around me? I smile and wave. ;-)
    You'd be surprised at how many smile and wave back.
    And congrats on the mommy-genius!


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