Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Apologies

Hello, Homies! My allergies are kicking my butt this weekend, so I'm not posting anything too Earth-shattering tonight. Hopefully I'll get back to you tomorrow. I know you're's okay. Absence makes the heart grow fonder....remember? For now, I'm sharing some random photos with you.

The first one is a quilting project I finally completed this summer. I worked so feverishly on this one that my carpal tunnel crippled me for about a month and sent me to an orthopedist to see if my hands were permanently messed up (luckily, they just needed some rest).

The second photo was taken this summer when we visited the aquarium. It's a great photo....of course it would be even better if there weren't a lady sitting behind the kids with a cigarette in her hand. It appears that she's digging in her purse for a lighter. Oh well.

The 3rd and 5th pics are the boys on St. Patrick's Day. The school encourages everyone to dress in green, just for fun. We don't own a lot of green clothing since green might be one of my least favorite the kids asked me to spray paint their hair (with washable hair spray paints). Yes, I do keep that stuff in the house for just such an occasion.

The 4th pic is the girls playing dress-up in the backyard. I love the "Don't mess with us" attitude!

Well, the benadryl is starting to kick in so I should head off to bed before I accidentally type something I might regret. When I come back, though, remind me to tell you about the dreamy new Canon camera the Hubs bought me today.

Mama Cas....out!

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