Saturday, September 12, 2009

You should absolutely bring your children here so we can give them lessons on being Classy People.

Hello, my peeps! We're headed to a block party today (PAAAAR-TAY!), so I don't have time for anything lengthy. Plus, after yesterday's heavy topic, some toddler silliness is in order. Please enjoy:

Overheard today while my daughters were playing...Camille is 3 1/2 and Julia is 2.

Camille (singing): "Old MacDonald had a butt...."

Julia (chimes in): "E, I, E, I, Fart...."

All together now: "With a fart, fart, fart and a fart, fart, fart...."

The bad news is they would have given my mother a heart attack with this one because she HATES the word fart.

The good news is they were playing nicely together and practicing their choral skills.


  1. Funny stuff! My mother also hates the word fart, and as a result, so do I. I teach my kids to say "toot" instead. We'll see how long that lasts when they get into the Real World.

  2. That is the BEST improv version of Old McDonald I have EVER heard. Seriously.

  3. Best. Post. Ever. Why do kids love saying "butt" and "fart" so much?

    Also, where would they get an idea for a song like that?


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