Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love in My Tummy

Another short post today...I'm still recovering from my 3 mile walk/run/wheeze. (Actually my workout went much better than expected after my Summer of Eternal Laziness.)

Anyway, I wanted to share what we had for dinner last night because it was just too good (and it was my very own creation!).

In a huge skillet, I heated up:
Leftover whole wheat pasta (rotini, in case you REALLY want me to be specific),
chopped plum tomatoes,
and kalamata olives.
When this was steaming hot, I shut off the flame, put a bunch of feta cheese in the pan, and gave it a good mix. No salt, pepper, or oil needed.

Ooooo that was good! In fact (*smacking my lips*) the leftovers were even better!

No, the kids wouldn't have touched this with a 10 foot pole. They had plain pasta with pecorino cheese grated on top.


  1. i was going to bow down to you if the kids had eaten that dish! it does sound yummy!!!

  2. Jessica is still convinced that when we have kids, she will be able to make them eat things like that. Can we really raise kids that are snobby about good food, or are they going to be asking us to make Kraft ez mac and hot dogs?

  3. Bruce - It's so hard to tell. James (child #1) didn't eat a hot dog until he was probably 4 years old and even now, the kids don't get them unless we're at a bbq or something. I think if you really make a conscious effort, it might be possible to raise food snobs.

    I can't really complain about their eating habits, though. They eat a lot of fruits and veggies....apples, bell peppers, jicama, edamame, broccoli, mandarin oranges, and bananas are pretty regular staples at our table.

  4. Update - I was telling my lovely wife about your post, and the comment that the kids wouldn't go near it. The first words out of her mouth - "Why wouldn't they like that". I know my wife well, apparently.


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