Saturday, November 7, 2009

Design MALnourishment

My friend from high school recently got married. (Recently, as in, within the last 2 years...which is very recent to someone who has been married for 13 years.) Through the miracle that is called Facebook, I've become friends with his wife, Jess. She is a designer and recently started a new blog, titled Design Nourishment, which you can find here.

Aaaanyway. That was a long way around to tell you that I was thinking of Jess one day while I was walking around my house.

And noticing my serious lack of "design".

And wishing I had some cash on hand to hire her if she lived closer.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit B shows pictures the boys did in school.

Exhibits A, C, and D are Alexa's handiwork. Perhaps she noticed my desperate lack of style and decided to take things into her own hands. She's good like that.

So her contribution to the family environment? Taking a piece of paper, drawing a picture, and sticking said picture to the wall with tape.


As of now, she's decided to focus on faces and large circles and writing her name (with no guarantee that the letters A-L-E-X-A will be in the correct order).

So, Jess, this is what an average-household-with-4-kids looks like, in terms of design. Someday, I might have a home style worthy of a Pottery Barn catalog. For now, it's pieces of paper stuck to a wall.

And base moldings that look like a puppy used them as a chew toy.

And a sensible, sturdy coffee table that's durable enough to be used as a "stage".

And backpacks hanging from doorknobs.

Oh's a good thing I'm too busy to care.


  1. Nice - I'm sure Jess will approve of your reference to her design blog. We've been meaning to make it out to NYC, so if we do, we'll be sure to stop in.

  2. Aren't backpacks supposed to hang on doorknobs?

  3. KaLonny - I'm pretty sure that's what doorknobs were invented be backpack hangers!

    Bruce - My door is always open. Just please call first so I can vacuum.

  4. I can tell there is a lot of thought put into the placement of every piece, not to mention the technique by which they are hung. Your children are true experts! I love it!


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