Saturday, February 27, 2010

And I'd like to thank The Academy.......

For what feels like forEVER, I've had 14 "followers" on my blog. I'm SO not one to be greedy...I was just thrilled that 14 people think my yammering is worth reading. Now and then, though, I looked at my list and thought, "Hm. I wonder if I'll ever get a 15th."

Imagine my excitement when I opened my blog this week to find I had another uh. I mean......I had another devoted fan! GAH! I can hardly contain my glee! YEEEEEE-HAAAW!

(No. I don't actually say yee-haw in my real life. I'm more likely to yell to The Husband, "HOLY S***! You'll never believe this one!")

* * * * Welcome, Number 15! * * * *

And then? This one time? (At band camp?) I logged on again? And had ANOTHER follower? I almost fell right off my chair.

For my mathematically challenged peeps.....that makes SIXTEEN followers now!

* * * * Welcome, Number 16! * * * *

And the best part? These are people I don't even KNOW. I didn't have to be related to them or be real-life-friends with them or pay them or ANYTHING! They just decided to join us here at Mama Cas cuz I'm good enough, and I'm smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!

(PS...I ordinarily don't use this! many! exclamation! points! at one time.)

And for my next trick? I'll attempt to distract you from the fact that this post is seriously lacking in any kind of substantial content by showing you a pic of my handsome boys.


And have a good weekend.

(Especially you, Number 15 and Number 16.)


  1. Lol. You are so funny. I read. I even subscribe. I'm a reluctant follower because google messes with my organization system when I follow. True story. So there you go. Followers does not equal fans ;-)

  2. That is a cute picture. And I feel the samw way about my design blog. Except I am still in the single digits!


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