Saturday, February 13, 2010

You're beautiful

Over my shoulder, I felt a presence.

It was Ben. He had his camera. And he was videotaping me.

"GAH! He's videotaping me and I'm still in my pajamas and I hate how my voice sounds and I haven't combed my hair and he's taping from the side and my nose is HUUUGE and what if I say something dumb or what if I look terrible and I haven't even brushed my teeth (cuz, you know, we bought him one of those smell-a-vision cameras)........."

But I didn't say anything. I carried on as if I hadn't noticed that he was taping.

Because I'm not going to become THAT person. I refuse to pass my negative images to my kids. As my husband has pointed out, I am my own biggest critic. I will not encourage them to become the same way.

How can I teach my kids to be more self-confident and less self-critical if I'm constantly bad mouthing myself?

If I continually point out how "hideous" I am, how long will it be until they believe me?

Because I am their mom, they don't think I have a big nose or a terrible voice. And they don't care that I haven't combed my hair or brushed my teeth.

And when they take pictures of me like this?

I will hide my horror and keep my mouth shut.

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  1. You're right - we're our own worst critics. That's definitely not something I want to pass on either, so I'm thankful for this post. Plus, you know what I see in that picture of you?? A mama who loves her baby girl and a girl who ADORES her mama.


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